Welcome to Ensem Theraputics
Kinetic Ensemble
for Precision Medicine
Who We Are
ENSEM Therapeutics (“ENSEM”) is a Boston-based, preclinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on high value and difficult-to-drug targets in oncology to address unmet medical needs. The name ENSEM symbolizes innovations via the integration of groundbreaking technologies to decipher structural ENSEMbles and kinetics for drug design. The company’s mission is to discover, develop, and commercialize transformative oncology therapies for patients, while leading the advancement of AI-driven structural ensemble and computational drug design.
Cryptic binding pockets: A small molecule (yellow) induces protein conformational changes (blue) and the opening of a cryptic pocket.
Our Mission is to expand the universe of druggable targets to discover transformative therapies for PATIENTS
Expand The Universe of Druggable targets via AI-powered Kinetic Ensemble TM
ENSEM develops and leverages Artificial Intelligence-powered structural Kinetic Ensemble TM platform to discover cryptic pockets of traditionally undruggable targets, offering new opportunities for therapeutic intervention.
Dedicated to precision medicines
ENSEM leverages big data with advanced modeling and analytics to pioneer breakthrough precision therapies for genetically defined diseases, with Oncology as our initial focus.
We are Entrepreneurs
We are owners driven to innovate and blaze new trails with urgency. We are bold in scope and optimistic in spirit. We embrace challenges with tenacity and hope.
We strive for Success
We pursue our mission with passion and unwavering resolve. We make strategic choices and move forward with the best ideas to discover transformative medicines.
We do what is Right
We do what’s right for our patients. We follow the science and act with integrity, care & humility. We are disciplined and rigorous; empowered and accountable for our actions.
We are One Ensem
We are a high performing, diverse and inclusive team. We build open and honest relationships. We speak our mind and make it safe for others to do so.